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If any of the following are troubling you

      Feeling Physical, Mental, or Emotional Stress, Anger, Pain or Guilt.
       Experiencing Hard-to-Resolve Conflict.
       Experiencing Low Self-Worth or Self-Loathing.
       Feeling Helpless, Hopeless or Forsaken Spiritually.
       Having Trouble Making or Maintaining Meaningful Relationships or Breaking Unhealthy Habits.
       Emotions impede healthy eating practices.

Issues and challenges from which my clients have found relief include:

Agoraphobia, Asthma, Abuse (physical/mental), Addictions (e.g. smoking, snacking), Allergies, Anger, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Unbalanced Chakras, Claustrophobia, Diabetes complications (e.g. painful neuropathy), Fears/Phobias, Limiting Beliefs, Pain, PTSD, Panic/Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Stress, Trauma (Emotional/Physical/Spiritual).

        Transpersonal Counseling honors and facilitates integration of your physical,      
        mental, emotional, and especially spiritual aspects during the process of     
        clearing blocks to all that you can achieve.


I also offer individual sessions for the following specific techniques
        * Chakra Diagnosis and Balancing
        * Reconnective Healing
        * Past Life Regression

For those who desire Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] to clear blocks/issues/challenges, in addition of an office visit, phone sessions are possible if distance from the office is a problem.
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